Old School ways of Reducing Heating Costs at Night...the Return of the Hot Water Bottle!

Whilst there are so many tips for reducing energy bills over winter, I liked the recommendation that an electric blanket of even the good old hot water bottle can help lower heating costs at night. They seem comforting.

But even better, hot water bottles have totally matured!

Check out these suggested best buys:

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It’s easy to forget about water bottles but there’s definitely a reason they’ve been around for so long and this is both a great reminder and good purchasing information.

Thanks for sharing @RDG

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I also want to share the adage that Martin Lewis (via MoneySavingExpert.com) has been sharing of late:

“Heat the human, not the house”.

I think it’s a really nice reminder to think about where we can reduce energy costs where we don’t need them. It’s so easy to do something like put a big jumper on in the room you’re in and shut the door vs. turning the whole house thermostat up.

We’ve also found candles to be surprisingly effective at giving off heat, especially in a closed room. Although clearly not one to safely do overnight (and do remember to blow them out before bed)!


What a fantastic phrase! It makes huge sense, but also, as you say with candles, if you are creative, you can make it special too.

Given that so many people are really worried, and struggling, it’s nice to be reminded of something that could bring a bit of comfort.

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Also, get a dog. Nature’s draught excluders :slight_smile: