Preparing for the Changing of the Clocks

Whilst I like the changing seasons, one thing that I always struggle with is when the clocks go back an hour, or worse, go forward an hour.

So whilst I am looking forward to getting that extra hour on Sunday, I am also mindful that on Monday I may not have adjusted, and it will get darker, earlier.

Is there anything that works to make the transition easier?


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Wasn’t there talk of this not happening any more or did I imagine it?!

Think im going to try and invest in one of those SAD/wake up lights/clock @Helen was saying about. Even this morning (raining heavily too) it felt so dark!

It was so dark this morning. I had to put the lights on even at 8am, felt awful!
I think it links back to what you said @RDG about getting outside, I think even when it’s dark outside there’s something about getting out that helps you wake up. If i don’t get up and get moving chances are I’ll be hibernating all winter!

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Turns out Which had done quite a good review of SAD/lamps, but quote the Royal College:

Get outside more

‘This is probably the most important point, since SAD is caused by lack of daylight,’ says Prof Workman.

Exercising outside, such as cycling, walking or running, can really help.

When you’re indoors, the NHS recommends making your work and home environments as light and airy as possible, and sitting near windows whenever you can.

If you are working from home more often, or indoors more than usual, it’s particularly important, so try and create a routine to ensure you get out in the fresh air and daylight regularly.’

Evidence for the lamps doesn’t seem to be much stronger, though the lamps to help you wake, seem to be helpful.


Very timely - will check this out, thanks!

Part of me is looking forward to the place getting darker quicker and the cold coming back, and that’s from me as a summer baby lol


I think there’s definitely a “hunker down” mode in most of us @nafisa.alhadi.

I do also try and think back to when summer gets too much and it’s so hot I’m praying for a cold wind!

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@nafisa.alhadi @darren I think this is celebrated in Denmark…hygge, I think it is called? Great way to connect with friends over winter months.

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Ah yes, nice The Year of Hygge, the Danish Obsession with Getting Cozy | The New Yorker

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