Sad death of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Hi everyone,

Following the tragic news that The Queen passed away yesterday, we wanted to take some time to offer our condolences to the entire family. We also know that this event will have touched many personally, for whom The Queen was an ever-present, and much-beloved Monarch representing some of the finest qualities of humanity.

If you want to share some thoughts, happy memories or want to express your sadness please use this space as a place to do so. We’re here for you.



Hi all,

I think for many of us the Queen has been a constant figure. I have not known the UK without the Queen and the changes which will now follow as a result leaves me with a feeling of uncertainty.
This is a time for us all to all come together and celebrate her life and the influence she has had on many people.

The next couple of months will be significant and may be overwhelming for some. As a service we are here to provide support and will be happy to explore your feeling around the passing on the Queen and the changes that follow.

Take care all.

Kemi Ezediuno- KeepingWellSEL


Amidst all the chaos, the Monarch has been a stabilising and unifying force. She will be greatly missed.


Even though she was 96 years old, this was such a terrible shock, at a time when I guess we were all hoping for some stability, or even good news. She’s just always been there.

So many moments to remember.

I’ve found myself really appreciating not just her immense service to the country and commonwealth (perhaps the world?), but also those moments when she knew something lighter or humorous was what we needed. That little clip with Paddington, produced for the recent Jubilee, reduced many a grown-up to tears. But my favourite was her contribution to the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, with Daniel Craig as Bond, and some rather lively corgis…

But if only some of our other leaders could display a fraction of her dignity, we might be in a better place.



Thanks @Kemi.Ezediuno (and welcome to the community!)

Really lovely words; thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think you touch on such an important point for many - the Queen represented certainty in a big time of uncertainty.

I believe spaces like this where we can come together to share are so important


Thanks @RDG

Lovely words and in total agreement with you

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Well said @Helen. It’s quite remarkable to reflect on the shift in the world (both good and bad) she saw in her time

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My favourite clip was her pulling her sandwich out of her bag while having tea with Paddington but how can I forget 2012 and her descending into the Olympic stadium on a harness :rofl:
She had a great sense of humour!

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Couple of clips to bring back those happy memories @Kemi.Ezediuno

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Although we knew this day would come, I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Honestly did not realise how saddened I would feel


Hi @Annie1,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think the speed of everything has definitely been a significant factor. Only a few days ago she was meeting the new PM.

Welcome to the community too.

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@Annie1 Welcome!

I feel exactly the same.

I keep thinking about just how mind-blowingly different the world was in 1952, all of the changes over time, and how she was always there.


I don’t know if anyone has made the trip into London, or even Windsor, but do share any pictures or impressions if you have.

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Of all the images that I have found the most moving, it is the pictures of Princess Anne at the vigil, or accompanying the coffin that cut through ceremony, and show true grief.

Anne I

It is a great tribute to the Queen that Anne’s personality never appears to have been stifled by duty or protocol. Who can forget the interaction between the two when Trump visited, at the NATO summit in 2019:

In such moments one catches a glimpse of a closeness that could only end in intense grief.


I visited Buckingham Palace at the weekend. It was quite emotional seeing so many people from all ages, backgrounds and different parts of the country come together for a shared purpose when it sometimes feels we are living in such a polarised society.

I am also surprised by the sadness I have felt the last few days.


Hi @Ella

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I imagine it was quite emotional to be at the Palace around so many other people sharing the loss.

I’ve seen a few clips of tourists speaking to the media who, by happenstance, have found themselves right in the middle of it. That must be quite a thing too - to be on holiday/travels and arriving in a country at a time of national mourning.

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Thanks @Ella

I guess it is important to just be okay with whatever you are feeling.

I keep thinking about the anti-Royalists who may feel they have very good reasons to not support the Royal Family; who can they talk to?

But whatever those views, this is not just the passing of a single person, it is the end of an age, and we simply cannot go back?

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Although there was much that was profoundly moving yesterday, many people found the way the country also ‘shut down’ quite eerie, and reminded them of the trauma of lockdown.

I was also hearing that a number of people were panic buying at the supermarket on Sunday, because nothing would be open on Monday…again like in lockdown.

Anyone else find that not just the loss/death of the Queen triggered memories of early COVID, the funeral arrangements were also a powerful trigger?

@Helen @Hannah @Kemi.Ezediuno @Annie1 @darren

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