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I recently got what looked like a text from Test and Trace, which is never good news, and it was only after a few minutes I thought them asking for me to pay for a test I got suspicious. Which have produced a video on the NHS COVID Scams:

Given the pressures that everyone is under, please share about any new scam that comes your way.


Thanks for sharing this, @darren … the scammers have become much more aggressive and sophisticated lately.


The wonderful @RDG is responsible for this one @Todd - well, unless he’s been scammed :wink:

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If you wanted to know how best to deal with a Text Message Scam, Which offer this advice:

What to do if you’ve received a scam text

Report the message to 7726 - this is a free spam reporting service run by telecoms providers. You can then block the sender in your phone’s settings and delete the message.

It’s safest to avoid clicking on any links in text messages. In most cases, the links in these messages point to phishing websites, where scammers ask for personal and financial details.

If you’ve shared your details already, keep an eye on your bank statements for any unrecognised transactions and beware of any unexpected calls, texts or emails.

Text messages can easily be spoofed to impersonate genuine brands and look like official messages from legitimate companies. You can find more advice on how to spot a scam message in our guide.

If you think you’ve received a scam text or email, or have simply come across one on social media, you can share them with us using our scam sharer tool.