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This takeover is going to be jam-packed with activities, tips, tricks and goodies galore from some delightful donors.

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Below you can find the full explanation of Takeover Wellbeing month!

As we continue to work through unprecedented times, looking after service users and giving dedication, time and passion to our Trust, it is important that we look after our wellbeing, so that we can prevent burnout and support each other to be the best versions of ourselves when caring for service users and colleagues as well.

To help us take care of our wellbeing the Staff Support team have teamed up with the anti-burnout club, Keeping Well in South East London and Breathe Arts Health Research to present to us the Wellbeing Takeover. Together they will bring us events that are centred around the anti-burnout club’s evidence-based Five Foundations of Wellness to help manage our wellbeing by looking at five different ways of keeping ourselves well; the basics, physical health, connection, mental well-being and growth.

The ambition of this month is for us to gain the confidence to not only embrace opportunities to look after our wellbeing but also to seek these opportunities out. The month will provide us with a wide range of tools and help us to recognise just how connected our wellbeing is to the work we do, the connections we make and the service users we care for.