The first hour of the day is crucial!

Something mentioned in a previous thread reminded me of what I had read recently about stress/anxiety relief.

Going on a morning walk can be incredibly helpful for reducing stress for lots of reasons including something called ‘optic flow’. Essentially this is just the movement of objects passing us as we walk which helps to quieten some of the circuits in our brain that are responsible for stress. According to psychologists this is most effective in the first hour of the day.

If you can’t get out the house, you can create optic flow by moving around indoors - nice to hear for all of us who hate going out in the cold during winter!


Hey @Robyn - really great post. I’d not heard of Optic Flow before but it makes a lot of sense in the description.

Great that you can do it in the house; I also loved what @Hannah said Morning routine vs Winter! - #21 by Hannah here about creating a “fake commute” walking around the local area.

Seems the two could compliment each other nicely.


Not sure what the science is behind it but it’s interesting.
And yes “fake commute” is a great idea - as long as it doesn’t involve me getting on public transport :joy:

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Fake train will be 100% cheaper :slight_smile:

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@Robyn This sounds very similar to EMDR (and how its value was discovered)?

Perhaps that and the impact of ‘First Light’ has a special power to help us…just have to adapt to the reality that the timing will need to get later during the winter…which works! No need to leap up at 5.00am!

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This also reminded me of an absolutely brilliant podcast on the body clock, and how the future of clinical services will make greater use of our growing knowledge of it’s importance.


And for a quick read, these facts are also mind blowing…for example:

“Early experiments showed mimosa leaves still opened and closed in the dark, following their own circadian rhythms rather than the Sun.”

Plants have a body clock!


Ah yes didn’t make the connection between that and EMDR discovery - makes sense!

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