The Keeping Well Team deliver Sessions on BURNOUT

In September & October the Southeast London Registered Managers Network were
provided bespoke sessions on burnout. One session was delivered online and the other session in person at St Christopher’s Hospice.

These session were very well attended and people really appreciated the opportunity to reflect on challenges and be provided with practical techniques to identify, address and prevent burnout.

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Thanks @RDG - what were the main things the group wanted to speak about/responded to?

Hi Darren,

The groups we have run so far were for managers, so they were really keen to understand how they can look after their own wellbeing in order to be effective leaders, but also how to recognise symptoms of burnout and stress in their teams in order to support them.

The feedback we have received has been extremely positive, with people sharing they are taking away how to notice and reduce feelings of stress in themselves and the importance of talking to others about how they’re feeling.

This is one of the videos we watch showing how stress can build up, like water overflowing from a bucket The Stress Bucket - YouTube.

We also complete a couple of exercises from this Surviving and Thriving at Work Health and Wellbeing toolkit Surviving and Thriving Booklet (

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Thanks @Ella

That’s great news.

And the Stress Bucket video really shows how it actually feels!

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Thanks for sharing this, @Ella! This is great :blush:

I really liked the help in planning for those days, and real world exercises such as:

Plan for what to do when everything is getting too much for you:

Things you can do to start putting things right.

Confide in family and friends and ask for help
Cut down on social activities
Try to get some regular exercise - even just a bit
Talk to my manager about how I am feeling and ask for relief of some responsibilities
Ask for some leave so I can get away for a bit
Go and see my GP

There’s alot of great advice in there for stress and burnout.

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Really great - thanks for sharing @Ella and @RDG

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