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Take the Love Language Quiz to find out how you receive and give love to help develop your relationships

The Love Language™ Quiz (

Mine were 1. Quality Time 2. Acts of Service 3. Physical Touch :smiley:

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Thanks @tilly

My top one was “Words of Affirmation” which makes a lot of sense to me as I find giving and receiving praise or words of appreciation to be a really important, often neglected life skill.

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That’s interesting Darren! Mine made sense to me too, I think having an understanding of how we individually receive and acknowledge love can be beneficial to make better connections. Interestingly, my friends have the same top three love languages as me!

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Thanks for this Tilly, quality time was top for me too and reminds me how important it is!


Super interesting! Trick with these sorts of things is using them to be consciously mindful going forward of what’s important to you and others

Acts of service for me!
That has shocked me!!
So good to complete- thanks for sharing @tilly :purple_heart:


Same for me @Kemi.Ezediuno

Small gestures like a hot drink when you don’t have time to make one, can feel like the most loving thing in the world.

On the other hand, someone close to me explodes the quiz, and seems to like all 5… :upside_down_face: