The Social Care Christmas Roadshow 2022 is underway!

Day 1 of the Christmas Roadshow complete! :ballot_box_with_check:

We had a great day visiting care organisations across Lambeth and saying hello to some new - and old - faces!

We can also confirm that Christmas is definitely in the air in the care homes - look at some of the wonderful decorations we saw at St Mary’s Nursing & Residential Home and Heritage Care Home!


Kicking off the Christmas campaign we met up with Sophie & Ella to stock up on gift bags and merchandise.

Before Dudley and I headed out in Southwark, making new connections and reconnecting with care sector organisations whom we have made links with.

It was quite special to visit the care home where we provided the first Professional Tree of Life sessions; Love Walk. Being able to say thank you and continue to raise awareness of KWSEL offers was such a privilege. Seeing staff members faces lighting up as we presented them with their box of chocolates, Christmas card & Newsletter was incredible.

Super excited for the rest of the roadshow!!!

@Ella @SophieDennard @Dudley


What a wonderful home, @Ella, with amazing decorations. Really stunning! Must make the residents and their families feel well very well-cared for.

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Wonderful pics, @Leila! The KWSEL Elves are giving so much, and it looks like you are being truly welcomed and appreciated…much as we appreciate what the staff are doing. :heart: :heart: :heart:

And I suspected @SawyerD was an actual Elf…the truth is out there :rofl:

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Lovely stuff @Ella @Leila @SophieDennard @SawyerD - this looks amazing.

Thanks for sharing

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Yesterday the roadshow was in Bromley. @SawyerD and I had such a nice day meeting lots of new people. We received such a positive response and I’m already looking forward to visiting in 2023 to facilitate some reflective spaces!


Looks like a great day, @Ella @SawyerD!

Great smiles, all! :heart:

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This is wonderful @Ella and @SawyerD!

What’s the headband? Polar bears is it?!

Such a fun day out! Well done to all the Keeping Well elves :christmas_tree: :heart:


lovely to see all these photos - looks like a successful day :smiley:


Our final day of the Christmas roadshow was yesterday in Bexley - slightly delayed due to last week’s snow! :snowflake::santa: :gift: :chocolate_bar:
A great final day visiting staff at:
Home Instead Bexley
Blue Bird
Eden Ivy Care
Abbotsleigh Mews Care Home
Lyndhurst Nursing Home


Thanks, @Ella,

Great to see how wonderful so many care homes look at this time of year!

Fantastic to see just how many visits have occurred before the end of the year.

Thanks to @Lucy11, @SawyerD and yourself for showing us all the great work that is happening.

Really inspiring :heart:


Great stuff @Ella @Lucy11 @SawyerD

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