The unsurprising word of the year

The wonderful Suzie Dent was on BBC Breakfast today talking about the words of the year, as chosen by Collins Dictionary. Top was:


I think, for many, this will be a fair reflection of their 2022 perception, as we seemingly lurch from one drama to another. Is that how you feel?

I wanted to find some positivity also to go alongside this and noticed

The act of lying flat on the stomach with the legs stretched out.

Apparently, this relates specifically to our pets, and mainly to our canine friends who use this action both as a sign of relaxation, but also to help dissipate heat from limbs!

Was a new one to me but wondered if @Helen or any other dog owners here had seen this behaviour?!

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Thank you for the two words @darren, definitely feels like I learn something new every time I visit this community!

I thought splooting was a made-up word, it just doesn’t sound like an official word to me! My dog used to do this all the time, I call it Carpet Mode, as he was a big fluffy golden :smiley:

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Carpet mode - love it :slight_smile:

I need to think of a word for the reverse of this for our dog when he’s on his back with legs in the air!

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