They're getting younger

The third wave is bad enough, but most of our admissions now are for younger people, which is much harder. Anyone else seeing that?

That’s really interesting to hear. I wonder if that is one of the repercussions from informal carer’s (families and friends) not receiving the support they might need?


Welcome to the community @Sophie! There could be so many factors, and I guess younger people were later in the vaccine programme. Many younger people are still concerned about issues like fertility and are vaccine hesitant, which may play a part.
What were your thoughts on families and friends not receiving the support that they need?

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Very true @RDG. Maybe they have also been enjoying freedom day/summer more than other demographics too.
I have looked at comments made by informal carers of people with psychosis on a web forum and the general consensus seemed to be that they felt isolated and as the nature of services changed, they felt forgotten. Interestingly, some said that the people they care for actually preferred the lockdowns because they felt like they weren’t alone when not going outside, or socialising. So some negatives but also positives!
I wonder if the nature of the symptoms people are presenting when admitted has changed. Have you noticed any differences?

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I realise @Sophie that this was posted in the ICU category, and I was thinking about physical health admissions, whereas, of course, you can have intensive mental health support!

That might be a helpful distinction to have in our categories!

I was hearing early in COVID about a rise in psychosis admissions in young people, which no-one seemed to understand then…factors like increased substance misuse were mentioned. But as you say, lockdown reduced some stressors (commuting, for me!) and increased others. We are certainly seeing what B-Eat said - ‘Eating Disorders thrive in isolation’.

I also think some of that sense of communities coming together has not been sustained as the pandemic dragged on, and so at each stage new aspects become more visible.

One thing we noted through Google Search intent (what people are looking for) was that health anxiety increased as we came out of lockdown…not surprisingly. I guess this forum could be a great place for people to safely share impressions of trends, which may help us all become more alert to the changes, and make sure no-one is left behind.

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That would be a useful distinction I think @RDG. I was thinking more along the acute hospital category!

Lockdown easing anxiety was definitely a hot topic. It is such a turbulent place we live in at the moment, with some aspects being really beneficial, and other parts of the pandemic making life really tough.

Having a space to chat to people who may have experienced similar things feels really supportive.

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@Sophie welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

This is an interesting topic. To @RDG’s point on substance abuse I saw that smoking in the younger demographic had experienced a marked rise during the pandemic. Have to say that did surprise me - smoking seemed to have been in such a decline (with fashion and trend as much as health implications) in recent years especially since the ban.

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