Tronic 10,000mAh Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank

With the unlikely but still possible news that we might have to face a few power blackouts in the middle of this coming winter if energy sources are a bit low, I personally think it makes sense to invest in one of these ‘power banks’.

Essentially it’s a big storage battery that can be filled up at any time, and then will power/charge a number of your electronics (phone being the main one for emergencies). They’re really useful things to have in general anyways for days out/keep in the car and the like.

Lidl currently has this 10,000mAh (in other words really high capacity), Quick charge, and Includes USB A to USB C Cable for £17.99. Unusually, it also comes with a 3-year guarantee which I think makes it a great buy if you can find one ‘In the middle of Lidl’.


This made me think that it may be time make a ‘Power Cut’ kit, with an actual torch, rather the one on my phone.

Would like to find a balance between sensible precautions and panic in my planning…

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I think if we thought about it as a “power cut kit”, which would be useful to have regardless, it’d contain much the same stuff and feels a bit less panic-inducing.

What would we have in it?

  • Torch
  • Spare torch batteries
  • Charging pack (like above)
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Some sort of long life food item/s ?