Upcoming Professional Tree of Life Sessions

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Please find below a useful list of upcoming Professional Tree of Life sessions:

13th December 2022 Hospital Discharge Team Greenwich

14th December 2022 Pinfold Rd Care home, London SW16 2SL

18th January 2023 Parkview Care Home

2nd February 2023 Avenues Care Home, Bromley

15th February 2023 Fieldside Care Home, Lewisham

22nd February 2023 Lewisham & Greenwich Hospice, Greenwich

24th February 2023 Dunton Care Home, Southwark


Updated list of Professional Tree of Life Workshops

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@RDG Super excited @SophieDennard & @LucyS and I had a great time delivering a workshop at Welcome Care Home. The staff team were so, so engaging and receptive such moving reflections, it was such a privilege to provide the space and to be able to hear their stories individually represented with their Tremendous Trees and then collective experiences as a forest emerging from many storms where there were many rainbows and gifts. Time Compassion, Encouragement, Support to name a few. Such strong connections… @Sophie will hopefully capture some of their inspiring stories in the first editon of the KWSEL Newsletter…watch this space…


Thanks, @Leila - well done on delivering the workshops with @SophieDennard and @LucyS. Please do share any experiences and/or approved pictures back with the community too


@leila @SophieDennard @LucyS You are doing such amazing work! The Professional Tree of Life workshops are such an innovation in mental health.

Really looking forward to the future Newsletters, and we will share their contents here.

Thank you for all that you are doing.

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We had a great Professional Tree of Life Session today @Ampilio House and two weeks ago at Avenues and Home Instead, plus the week prior in Welcome Care Home…I’ll upload approved pictures this week!!!

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Thanks @Leila :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing more of this great work!

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Well done @Leila - looking forward to the pictures

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Updated list of upcoming Professional Tree of Life Workshops, into 2023!

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