What happens during a Schwartz Round?

Rounds follow a specific programme to ensure that they are same in different organisations.

Rounds normally take place once a month for an hour at a time. These can be in person or via a laptop.

Once the Round starts, three staff members (a panel) will share their experiences for the first 15-20 minutes. On each panel, there should ideally be a mix of clinical and non-clinical staff with different levels of seniority.

A Round can either be based on different accounts of supporting a patient, client or resident, or can explore a particular theme such as ‘when things go wrong’ or ‘a client that I’ll never forget’. Experiences are shared from the perspective of the panel, not the client, and the emphasis is on the emotional impact of offering the client support.

The remainder of the hour features trained facilitators leading an open discussion. They do this by asking everyone else who attends to share their thoughts and feelings on the stories.

The facilitators will remind everyone that Rounds are confidential, in which client and staff identities are protected.

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