What I'm trying to do despite the weather

I’m dying to go for a walk today after work. Something I haven’t managed since the start of the week due to the continuous rain. I hope I get a break. My mental wellbeing needs that break. I wonder what others haven’t managed to do as part of their usual routine due to the weather or anxiety about the economic weather. Still, I try to encourage myself with positive thinking by counting my pluses and paying scant attention to any minuses.


Hey @csarfo!

I did exactly this just now - it’s been an absolutely terrible week for rain, wind, and general darkness, hasn’t it? I felt so much better after. The sun is actually out here!

I have drastically reduced my news consumption though - I just don’t think it helps.

On the plus side, was great to see Scott Mills raise over £1M for his TreadMills challenge. Even the message that in these trying times people are supporting good causes is heart warming

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Hi, @csarfo, I still find myself thinking about the impact of the lockdowns on us, and that, somehow, we are still in something of a psychological lockdown? Those powerful messages telling you to stay at home? It was harmful to not stay at home?
What helps me is setting myself some task, outside each day…like not getting all the shopping in one go, so I have to go back. I know exercise, accessing green spaces, a mindful focus on nature are all good enough reasons for getting outside, on their own, with umbrella…but something practical makes it easier for me.


One thing i’d add to this is to invest in stretching bands - usually about £5-10 from amazon. When you’ve been hunched over a laptop not getting out when it rains, i find these help relax muscles

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@csarfo if you’re interested, currently on a deal too