What is Blue Monday?

Although not scientifically proven, Blue Monday can be referred to as the most ‘depressing’ day of the year as it is often when most are struggling financially, the weather is far from optimal, and new year resolutions may have failed.
If you are feeling blue today, contact us for a chat Refer to Keeping Well :: Keeping Well South East London (keepingwellsel.nhs.uk)


Thanks, @Kemi.Ezediuno…good to keep this alive, even if there isn’t much evidence for it. I thought it was a great campaign to get people to think about depression, and the argument that depression happens for some everyday dilutes the message.

So thank you for flagging this, and showing that help IS AVAILABLE. :heart:

Hi @Kemi.Ezediuno,

This term was, I believe, invented by a marketing company in the mid-00s to effectively sell holidays.

Personally, even if the original reason for it wasn’t completely as intended, any chance to raise awareness and help during the middle of a dark, usually money-tight month has to be a good thing.