What is the Best Christmas Lunch?

If you want a classic Christmas Lunch, BBC Food has got it all here:

What was your best Christmas Lunch or Recipe?

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It’s not Xmas lunch without prawn cocktails, in my view :smile:

I had my first meat-free Christmas last year and cannot wait for this year! I made this delicious gravy to go with a nut-roast which was also a hit with the meat-eaters at the table!
Vegan Chestnut & Mushroom Gravy – Merchant Gourmet (merchant-gourmet.com)


Gravy covers (literally and figuratively) everything for success!

That gravy sounds amazing though @Ella!

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I shared this earlier @Ella on a similar theme:

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Funny that they didn’t include a starter.

I remember an amazing Prawn Cocktail where the prawns had been soaked in fresh orange juice…that thought led me to this:

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So not “open supermarket prawn cocktail” > scoop over week-old lettuce then?

I’m learning something every day! :slight_smile:

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Love prawn cocktail but we never actually have a starter - maybe we’ve been doing Christmas wrong


I don’t think there is a right or wrong way @Robyn. I don’t think we would have had a starter when I was younger, but at some point lots of us got the ‘Prawn Cocktail Habit’ :rofl:

The irony is that I then usually feel too full to eat Christmas Pudding, but then I am not so keen on that course.

But when did common sense get in the way of Christmas… :joy:

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I’m sure for many people would find much pleasure in that, but even when it comes to Prawn Cocktail, I seek greatness :rofl: Almost to a fault…

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Yeah got to wait a couple of hours before the pudding! Talking of pudding I’ve just realised I haven’t got an advent calendar this year yet oops

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What sort of Advent Calendar tempts you, @Robyn. Chocolate? Perfume? Or…

Yep not a huge one for pudding, but a quality cheese board…now you’re talking!

Are we talking Stilton? Classic Christmas choice, though for me, better as an ingredient in something else e.g. soup.

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Danish Blue is right up there. Also partial to a smoked.

Not fruit in it though - that’s where i draw the line!

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