Wide Range of Discounts for those Working in Social Care

The Proud to Care Rewards scheme has masses of discounts for anyone working in social care, including most supermarkets.

Shops offering discounts

There are many ways to get the discounts, and perhaps the best, once you’ve set it up, are the Reloadable Cards, which are kind of like an Oyster card, but for shops.

So you get a physical card, and load it with an amount of money, and the card is sent to your address. Then you top it up, as you need to. With 4%-5% off at many supermarkets, or 6% at Argos.

This video show you how it works.

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Really great @RDG - thanks for sharing.

It’s amazing how 5% off at supermarkets really adds up over the year, and places like Argos getting 6% off is so useful as they cover so much stuff for birthdays, Xmas etc

My Reloadable Cards have arrived!

Watch out for an exclusive video of the envelope being opened…

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You’ll be a TikTok sensation in no time at all!

Just to give everyone an update…the cards arrived quickly, in a few days. But what followed is a bit mixed…

Firstly, when the money is added to the cards (they are just like Gift cards) it is really easy to use them. In Tescos, they just scanned the bar code, and the money came straight off the bill. I must try buying a smaller amount to see if, like an Oyster Card, they just take off the money needed, and you can check your balance later. That could be really helpful, say, loading your budget onto the card at month end, and knowing it is there for food etc.

The downside is that that they take a bit of time to set up. It may be quicker to register them over the phone and add credit. The online route is a bit clunky, and may be best done by someone who feels comfortable doing things online.

But having got the hang of them, I now think it is worth the effort, and now just need to be sensible and not spend all of the discounts on something else, though I probably deserve something nice :innocent:

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Are the instructions clear in themselves, or is it just the actual process (or both?)

It’s that you have to move between the Proud to Care website to top-up the cards…and initially I wasn’t sure if I was just buying a new one.

Then you have to register them on the sores own Gift Card sites, and those websites are not always called what you think.

I think it is possible to sort it all out, but each store seems to have a different process.

Let’s see if anyone wants to pursue this, and I could try to post some simple guides for each store.

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