Would you take a driverless taxi?

I saw this piece on the BBC News website today about piloting driveless taxis in San Francisco (where else?!)

It’s quite an interesting watch and got me wondering if I would be confident in taking it. Would you?

Have a look > Here <

No! I’d miss the chat!

Hi Darren,

I remember reading about this and was asking myself would I use a driverless taxi myself.

It was quite interesting to read and to see the reviews. However, for me I know when driving not only do you have to pay attention to the road but also pedestrians, other drivers and other risk factors that could potentially impact your commute.

I don’t think I could possibly see myself riding in one. However, this is something that I would want to put on my bucket list just to have the experience. But we all know one experience can change how we view and think about things. Until then I will read reviews before I say yes, I will take one.

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@Mario yep think i agree.

I just think, currently, the anxiety i’d have trusting it would outweigh the benefit!

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@darren I can totally agree. My anxiety would not allow me too physically do it, but I know my therapist would say this would be a perfect exposure practice lol.

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:grin: they’d need to reinforce the seat grips for me i think!

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@Mario I love this idea of 21st Century therapy…CBT-Elon Musk :rofl:


@darren :laughing:

I would definitely love to see and hear his response to my anxiety with driverless cars.


He probably can’t hear you from his penthouse on Mars… :slight_smile: